When working with a client I like to have the involvement of them wherever possible to help to produce a more personal end result.  I take enormous pride in my wish to produce for you, the most lifelike and living artwork of your animal as possible.   I believe it to be a 'living' image and will act as a constant reminder to your present companion or a tribute to a previous friend. The bespoke portraits ensure the quality and meticulous attention to detail resulting in a life like image at affordable prices.


I work in both pastel and oil on canvas - the choice is yours ...  All pastels are classically drawn on Canson/Ingres tinted paper which in turn becomes the contrasting background to the subject.   Portraits will depict the head, neck and chest of the subject also including collars and tack if requested.


I have painted an enormous amount of dogs over the years from terriers  to great danes, from collies to labradors, from dalmations to spaniels.   You can choose either  a dogs head or full painting, each one aiming to show the true character and personality of your dog.   I particularly specialise in working dogs and their place in the rural landscape.




I require 2 to 3 good quality photos of your animal (particular empasis to show the eyes)

Each image needs to be clear and in focus.

The portrait is positioned within the paper size to accomodate the mount and frame -  to be arranged by the client.

Each portrait is supplied unframed...


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